Thursday, February 27, 2014

Folk Tune: Mixing & Mastering

Here's a little taste of the work done at Burro Music Mixing concerning a fine folk tune called, The Hermit, by my father R.L. Hurt (see full explanation, listen and download freely below):

Folk tune recorded in small room with prominent noise floor issues (i.e. hiss). Before and after versions display the difference between the unmixed (1st example), the mixed version (2nd example) and the final mastered version (3rd example). Download the lossless files for the most accurate comparison as Soundcloud streams at a lower quality.

  • Notice the greatly improved sound stage or stereo image from the unmixed version to the mixed version; more width and depth.
  • The vocal clarity and tonal quality have been improved as they are the central focus of the tune.
  • The overall clarity and quality of the recording was improved by reducing the hissing heard in the unmixed version.
  • The mastered version is optimized for playback on a variety of sources with a more cohesive, pleasing and louder sound. 
  • NOTE: Please listen with high-quality speakers or headphones for best results; i.e. avoid laptop speakers or cheap earbuds:

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