Why Burro Music Mixing


You've worked diligently to compose and record your music and you like the results. Or perhaps after all that work, you aren't satisfied with the results or are curious how dedicated mixing / mastering could improve your music. In either case, let me show you how your mix could likely be brought to another level with the tools, skills and experience I offer.

You will undoubtedly be asking what makes me qualified to mix your music. In short, my experience, room / equipment and education.

  • Experience: Burro Music Mixing is run by audio mixing engineer, Bryan Hurt. Since 2010, I have been focused on mixing in the following styles gaining a broader understanding of the most important elements of the mix in folk, folk-pop, electronic, jazz, blues and indie recordings. My ears have been trained and skills honed from this experience.
  • Room / Gear: My room is acoustically treated with GIK acoustic panels and bass traps to accurately gauge the state of your mix using KRK Rokit near-field monitors with crystal clear digital to analog conversion provided by the Dangerous Music D-Box. (see my complete Gear List)

    You may further be asking why anyone would pay to have their music mixed. Can't I mix it myself and send it on to a mastering service?

    • You certainly can if you are confident in the accuracy of your mixing environment, but please be cautious of corrective mastering which cannot give you the result that a properly mixed and mastered solution will bring.
      • Continuing, many mastering engineers will ask that you go back and correct problems in your mix and would use corrective mastering as a last resort. Then there are those who will quickly churn out your master, warts and all, without giving you a chance to deal with the underlying issues in the mix, while gladly taking your cash.
        • In other words, your focus should be toward getting the mix as good as it can be (or hiring qualified help) rather than relying on the mastering engineer to work a miracle with a flawed mixdown (this due to the effect of room modes from an untreated mixing environment as explained on GIK Acoustics' Room Acoustics Primer).
          • Further, see this article regarding mixing mistakes from Universal Audio referencing the above issues. Please pay special attention to the information on the common problem of excessive low-end in mixes done in small rooms with no acoustic treatment.
              • I am offering a mixing service for those who feel they have already done a tremendous amount of work by writing, playing and recording their tracks and would like to hand off the mixing duties to capable hands for a superior result in an acoustically accurate environment. 

                      Finally, you can expect a trustworthy, forthright experience from me. I will do all that I can to help your music sound its best and to prepare it properly for mastering, which is the final step after mixing. I will gladly refer you to someone more qualified if I cannot provide what is needed for your project and will never waste your time or money.  

                      Feel free to contact me for a no obligation evaluation of your recording.