Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Bit About Burro Music Mixing

Burro Music Mixing is run by mixing engineer, Bryan Hurt, a graduate of the University of North Texas College of Music. I provide remote mixing & mastering services at an affordable rate from an accurately treated studio specializing in indie, folk, electronic, blues and jazz recordings. Contact me for a no obligation evaluation of your recording.

You may be asking why anyone would pay to have their music mixed. Can't I mix it myself and send it on to a mastering service?

    • You certainly can if you are confident in the accuracy of your mixing environment, but please be cautious of corrective mastering which cannot give you the result that a properly mixed and mastered solution will bring.

      • Continuing, many mastering engineers will ask that you go back and correct problems in your mix and would use corrective mastering as a last resort. Then there are those who will quickly churn out your master, warts and all, without giving you a chance to deal with the underlying issues in the mix, while gladly taking your cash.

          • In other words, your focus should be toward getting the mix as good as it can be rather than relying on the mastering engineer to work a miracle with a flawed mixdown (this due to the effect of room modes from an untreated mixing environment as explained on GIK Acoustics' Room Acoustics Primer).  

            • Further, see this article regarding mixing mistakes from Universal Audio referencing the same issues. Please pay special attention to the information on the common problem of excessive low-end in mixes done in small rooms with no acoustic treatment.

              • I am offering a mixing service for those who feel they have already done a tremendous amount of work by writing, playing and recording their tracks and would like to hand off the mixing / mastering duties to capable hands for a superior result in an acoustically accurate environment.

                In closing, I understand that you've likely poured yourself and your finances into your music and placing your work in a stranger's hands may sound dicey at best.

                Let me reassure you that my approach is a collaborative effort focused on realizing your musical vision. In fact, feel free to contact me for a completely free evaluation of your mix as a trial run of sorts (visit the free mix evaluation page).

                Finally, I encourage you to listen to my work on the samples page, to hear the results of dedicated mixing / mastering for yourself.

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