Sunday, June 22, 2014

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Looking to add a professional sheen to elevate your music to its full sonic potential? You might consider my online mixing and mastering services found here: Burro Music Mixing

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    Thursday, February 27, 2014

    Folk Tune: Mixing & Mastering

    Here's a little taste of the work done at Burro Music Mixing concerning a fine folk tune called, The Hermit, by my father R.L. Hurt (see full explanation, listen and download freely below):

    Folk tune recorded in small room with prominent noise floor issues (i.e. hiss). Before and after versions display the difference between the unmixed (1st example), the mixed version (2nd example) and the final mastered version (3rd example). Download the lossless files for the most accurate comparison as Soundcloud streams at a lower quality.

    • Notice the greatly improved sound stage or stereo image from the unmixed version to the mixed version; more width and depth.
    • The vocal clarity and tonal quality have been improved as they are the central focus of the tune.
    • The overall clarity and quality of the recording was improved by reducing the hissing heard in the unmixed version.
    • The mastered version is optimized for playback on a variety of sources with a more cohesive, pleasing and louder sound. 
    • NOTE: Please listen with high-quality speakers or headphones for best results; i.e. avoid laptop speakers or cheap earbuds:

    Tuesday, October 1, 2013

    A Bit About Burro Music Mixing

    Burro Music Mixing is run by mixing engineer, Bryan Hurt, a graduate of the University of North Texas College of Music. I provide remote mixing & mastering services at an affordable rate from an accurately treated studio specializing in indie, folk, electronic, blues and jazz recordings. Contact me for a no obligation evaluation of your recording.

    You may be asking why anyone would pay to have their music mixed. Can't I mix it myself and send it on to a mastering service?

      • You certainly can if you are confident in the accuracy of your mixing environment, but please be cautious of corrective mastering which cannot give you the result that a properly mixed and mastered solution will bring.

        • Continuing, many mastering engineers will ask that you go back and correct problems in your mix and would use corrective mastering as a last resort. Then there are those who will quickly churn out your master, warts and all, without giving you a chance to deal with the underlying issues in the mix, while gladly taking your cash.

            • In other words, your focus should be toward getting the mix as good as it can be rather than relying on the mastering engineer to work a miracle with a flawed mixdown (this due to the effect of room modes from an untreated mixing environment as explained on GIK Acoustics' Room Acoustics Primer).  

              • Further, see this article regarding mixing mistakes from Universal Audio referencing the same issues. Please pay special attention to the information on the common problem of excessive low-end in mixes done in small rooms with no acoustic treatment.

                • I am offering a mixing service for those who feel they have already done a tremendous amount of work by writing, playing and recording their tracks and would like to hand off the mixing / mastering duties to capable hands for a superior result in an acoustically accurate environment.

                  In closing, I understand that you've likely poured yourself and your finances into your music and placing your work in a stranger's hands may sound dicey at best.

                  Let me reassure you that my approach is a collaborative effort focused on realizing your musical vision. In fact, feel free to contact me for a completely free evaluation of your mix as a trial run of sorts (visit the free mix evaluation page).

                  Finally, I encourage you to listen to my work on the samples page, to hear the results of dedicated mixing / mastering for yourself.

                  Thursday, December 20, 2012

                  "Lumi" by Vladislav Delay

                  At bottom of this jittery, off balance gem - muffled and mangled through divers synthetic filters - lies a dense weight of sorrow beckoning the affected listener to drink deeply again and again by one Vladislav Delay:

                  Tuesday, October 2, 2012

                  "Windshield Smasher" by Black Moth Super Rainbow

                  Open wide for a spoonful of bizarre, slightly-grotesque, grubby-yet-fetching, animated, breezy cultic fun by one Black Moth Super Rainbow:

                  Saturday, July 7, 2012

                  "Spiral" by Wye Oak

                  Hypnotic tune with a subtle darkness that nods and perhaps grins in the direction of Phil Collins, with a zesty dash of the Police and finally tied up nicely with grosgrain ribbon by the soulful, low murmur of Annie Lennox by one Wye Oak:

                  Saturday, March 24, 2012

                  "Zaharia Fărâmăs Protokoll in sechs Teilen" by Brannten Schnure

                  Atmospheric and extremely hypnotic, this sound conglomeration, meaning something akin to "protocol in six parts", meanders through corridors of creaking imaginings and then drones aplenty with mesmerizing melancholy memories by one Brannten Schnure. All credit to the relentless No Fear of Pop for the tip:

                  Saturday, January 14, 2012

                  "Darkside A1" by Darkside

                  Honestly, I forget how I learned of this duo, but Nicolas Jaar doesn't really need much of an introduction. To the crux, this joint starts with a nod to Pink Floyd atmosphere and proceeds to simmer and burn with a fierce, downtrodden groove by one Darkside:

                  Friday, October 28, 2011

                  "King Night" by Salem

                  I would like to draw your attention to a track in the spirit (or phantasm if you will) of All Hallows' Eve found via stellar little blog Mu-sique. Sinister and almost despondent drama reigns supreme here with giant distorted synth leads and the ubiquitous stylings of the 808 chopping through soaring ghost-choir vocals like the cleaver dividing bone from marrow. All of this and more brought to you by Salem:

                  Sunday, October 16, 2011

                  Principle Participant Release

                  Ruminate on this choice, decidedly groove-centric release which is both primal and cerebral in its approach. May I present to you the pleasures of "Principles", a particularly danceable publication by Principal Participant:

                  Wednesday, September 21, 2011

                  "Pale Ravine" Full-Length by Deaf Center

                  This is a work that demands to be ingested in its entirety (no hook-laden singles here my friend). Please prepare your psyche for a sometimes claustrophobic cloud of weighty, nightmarish audio that oozes and trickles forth a dense, brooding miasma by one Deaf Center:

                  Friday, August 12, 2011

                  "Worms" by Datassette

                  The electrically driven endless chain conveyor within the heart of the assembly line has begun to churn and chisel out a strangely soulful yet entirely mechanical refrain while feeding its contents into the final assembly stage. Said assembly stage numbly joins the rarefied groove with ringing vulcanized exclamations whilst continuing with its tireless work. Mechanics brought to you by Datassette:

                  Wednesday, August 10, 2011

                  "I Swim (Bare)" by StaG

                  We're featuring the opening track here, which glides in upon the listener like a voluminous ground fog, but you will not want to miss the album as a whole. Past the opener, you will venture into the meat of the sublime atmosphere, melody and stellar pop from StaG:

                  Friday, August 5, 2011

                  "Children Playing with Lego" by Ochre

                  Another impeccable concoction ripe with thick synth melody, sub-bass and a heavy air of gravity and solemnity that silently and beautifully points toward the dirge. Please do yourself a favor and listen via some decent monitors to fully appreciate the clarity of the mix and meaty tones of the instruments, which by the way, underscores the possibilities for a tune whose mix has been carefully crafted. Brought to you by Ochre:

                  Friday, July 29, 2011

                  "Euphorics 101" (Trip Into Mutant Bass Mix) by Lifecycle

                  In the never ending search for atmospheric nourishment I give you this bleak, haunting, acidic joint with a recurring motif that conjures an innocent elderly woman calling her lost feline in the darkness to no avail; while the audience senses some horrible, impending menace looming over the entire scene by one Lifecycle: